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Specialised consulting in microbial natural products

Our 15+ years’ of research in microbial natural compounds allows ENDOBIOS to provide a diverse set of troubleshooting solutions in the pipeline of bioactive natural products discovery and development, including:

  • Pharma, agro or cosmetics R&D projects
  • Implementation of academic or industrial low cost/high throughput screening facilities for exploiting microbial cultures (fungi, bacteria, microalgae), capable of preparing hundreds of extracts per week with a low investment
  • Project management in early discovery and early preclinical trials
  • R&D solutions and troubleshooting
  • Implementation of the ENDOBIOS proprietary screening approaches for improving hit rates
  • Workshops on microbial natural products R&D

Above all, we aim to use our consulting expertise to deliver significant cost savings and to implement time-saving, disruptive techniques with improved hit rates.

Feel free to share your projects with us, we will be glad to provide a free preliminary assessment with no obligation and full confidentiality (including NDAs if necessary).

Specialised consulting in endobacterial symbioses

We are the first biotech providing support in endosymbiotic research to the scientific community.

Our 10+ years’ of experience, we have developed significant unpublished, proprietary know-how. By using our specialised consulting services, you you can take full advantage of this experience, saving considerable time and financial resources, and avoiding misdirected research.

Workshops on endosymbioses are available upon request.

Feel free to share your projects with us – we will be glad to provide a free preliminary assessment with no obligation.

Custom services

Your one-stop shop for R&D in natural products

To save months of your time and considerable financial expenses, we can provide a wide range of solutions, from microbial isolation to mid-term preclinical trials, including:

  • Natural products chemistry (HR-MS, low cost dereplication, HPLC isolation, structure elucidation)
  • Microbiology and fungal/bacterial taxonomy 
  • NGS 16S metagenomics, RNAseq, genome sequencing
  • ENDOBIOS proprietary methods for inducing natural compounds from microbial sources
  • Bioassays (e.g. antibacterial, antifungal, antitumor, pain)
  • Preclinical trials support (early-mid stage) at low cost or in collaboration with us for a range of diseases: antimicrobial (clinical bacteria and fungi), neuropathies (e.g. pain relief and epilepsy), antiviral (multiple viruses) or anti-parasite.

As an example, we provide dereplication of crude extracts or enriched fractions at low cost, i.e. direct identification of new or known chemical structures in complex mixtures (whether from microbes, plants, sponge extracts, etc.). If your bioactive compound is known, early dereplication will save you months of compound isolation and financial investment.