16 June 2020

ENDOBIOS was shortlisted in the preselection phase of the Innovation Awards Roullier 2020, as a recognition of our proprietary method for the induction of cryptic antibiotics from microbial culturable sources (fungi, bacteria, microalgae), applicable in the agro, pharma or cosmetics industry.

9 June 2020

ENDOBIOS received an Innostars 2020 Award (EIT Health, European Union), as a recognition of our project related to the preclinical development of a marine-derived natural product as a drug candidate against epilepsy.


15 August 2019

ENDOBIOS is now eligible to apply for NIH grants (USA) as a foreign institution, after completing the registration procedures in the DUNS, SAM.gov, eRA Commons, Grants.gov  and NATO-NCAGE systems.